Wedding Shoes – an Important Element of the Bride’s Image

The beauty of the bride must be perfect. Her image is formed by many important details and one of them is wedding shoes. Let’s take a look at all the nuances that will allow you to find the perfect pair of shoes for your holiday.

Basic Rules of Choosing Wedding Shoes

When choosing shoes for wedding, it is worth paying attention to several important aspects. First of all, it’s comfort. This means that shoes should never be tight. It is also desirable to purchase another pair of wedding shoes (the spare pair should be more comfortable, though not less beautiful). Following this advice will help avoid problems and give rest to tired feet. Another important recommendation is to buy shoes in advance in order to get used to them and have time off if necessary. If you plan to wear your chosen shoes after the wedding, then pay attention to the fashionable evening shoes that will successfully complement your collection of shoes and will be quite appropriate for the wedding celebration.

Color of Wedding Shoes

Today, wedding dresses simply amaze your imagination with their incredible colors. And this is not to mention the fact that the standard white color has a great variety of shades (it can approach gray, blue or beige scale). The main rule is that white wedding shoes visually should not be darker than the dress. That is why, to match the color of wedding shoes, you need to compare it with a piece of cloth from which the dress is made. Well, in choosing a pair of shoes for a color wedding, one can also show one’s imagination, but it’s not worth going beyond taste.

Heel Height

Choosing the heel height, you need to focus on the following indicators:

  1. Height of the groom. The bride must be either lower than the groom, or have the same height. Therefore, she should not wear high heel stiletto shoes if the future spouse is significantly lower.
  2. The length of the dress. The length of the wedding dress varies widely. When selecting heels pay special attention to this indicator. Short dresses are preferably worn with high heels, and a long floor dress can be supplemented with comfortable shoes or boots (depending on the season) on a flat sole.
  3. Physiological features. Some women simply cannot physically wear heels. For them it will be enough to buy shoes on a low platform or with a stable low heel. Also, do not ignore flat-heeled shoes.

    The material

It is best if the wedding shoes are made of high-quality leather. However, you can find good shoes made of fabric.