Are You Making This Dangerous Fashion Mistake?

Right now, there are thousands of people, of all ages, making a very dangerous and risky fashion mistake. They’re getting their ears pierced and putting in earrings made from cheap materials, causing infections and allergic reactions. It’s no secret that jewelry is expensive, but it shouldn’t pose health risks. Get your ears pierced at a medical and professional facility, rather than getting it done quickly at a mall. Earrings and piercing are quite popular among children, teenagers, and young adults, so it is important to know these important health risks associated with this fashion trend.

Increased Risk of Infection

When you get your ears pierced with less than standard quality material, you run the risk of chronic infections where the earrings are placed. They can be uncomfortable and itchy, causing you to pick at the pierced area with your hands, leading to more infections. Recognize the signs of an infection which include swelling, redness, discharge or bleeding, and even fever. Remove the earrings right away and visit your doctor for treatment.

Allergic Reactions

One of the most common reasons for infected piercings are because of allergic reactions to the low-quality materials mall earrings are made of. Most of them are coated with nickel, causing the piercing to burn, swell up, and itch. It is important to shop for hypoallergenic jewelry free of nickel coating that has been specifically labeled for allergies. Even if you know you aren’t allergic to nickel, you may choose to opt for hypoallergenic jewelry anyway because of their higher quality and durability.

More Than One Option

Most hypoallergenic jewelry is made from high-quality plastic, which may sound odd but plastics used in jewelry are strong and durable. The plastic won’t rust, stain, or lose its shape. There are more options than just plastic for hypoallergenic jewelry including precious metals. Sterling silver is a good option, but it stains and tarnishes quickly. Titanium and gold run a little bit on the expensive side, but they are hypoallergenic and highly durable. Some jewelry is even made with surgical stainless steel, which is ideal for piercings and earrings to prevent allergic reactions and infections.


Have you ever bought a mood ring or necklace from the mall and it turned your skin green? Did that sterling silver piece of jewelry quickly tarnish or rust within a year’s time? These pieces of jewelry often have that nickel coating or are made with low-quality materials that can stain your skin. Their lifespan is short. As mentioned before, plastic material technology has changed, especially the types of plastics used in jewelry. They are made to endure wear and tear and will always maintain their shape. For options like necklaces, plastic might sound tacky and cheap. You might want to skip silver since it doesn’t have high durability and it tends to tarnish quickly. Gold makes a great option since it isn’t as soft as silver and has higher durability. It also looks great in jewelry and won’t cause allergic reactions.

Know Where to Look

After you have learned these jewelry and piercings health risks, know where to find quality hypoallergenic jewelry. To find out more information, visit this website and look at their jewelry for a better understanding of high-quality standards.